About us

Les enfants terribles, (not) a new story 

You may be asking yourself why a digital health company like OneDoc would even think of creating a clothing line. Fair question. Well, we thought, why not?

OneDoc was founded in 2017 with the goal of shaking up the Swiss digital health landscape. Young at heart, we believe things can always be made simpler and that the focus should be on the individuals that make healthcare work.

Les enfants terribles takes the OneDoc philosophy and applies it to a line of high quality and comfy fashion for all. Our collections are as individual as you yourself. After all, why not?

Limited editions, reasonable quantities 

Aware of the footprint of the fashion industry, we have chosen to produce in limited quantities and adjust according to the success of our collections. This flexibility also gives us the opportunity for greater creativity through deeper sustainability.

Designed in Switzerland

As powerful as the “less is more” tagline, we are convinced quality is worth quantity. Everything is thought out between our offices in Zurich and Geneva. The designs on each of our products are even born here!

Our engagement

But our philosophy goes far beyond sustainability. When we launched Les Enfants Terribles, we wanted to offer unisex collections for everyday use, combining confidence and comfort. The idea is to be who you are and use fashion as a means of expression. 

And why does our brand have such a name? It seems to make sense now: we are here to break the rules, shake up the codes and have fun!